About Me

Texas LTC Instructor & NRA Training Counselor and Firearms Instructor

My name is Tammy Hunter and my objective is to teach people some basic firearms safety so they feel confident they are prepared to defend themselves if they are ever in a situation that forces them to do so.


I am a License To Carry instructor (formerly CHL) in the great state of Texas as well as an NRA Certified Training Counselor for Pistol, Advanced Defensive Pistol, Shotgun Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Personal Protection In the Home as well as Personal Protection Outside the Home and Refuse To Be a Victim Instructor. I've had my Concealed Handgun License since early 2001, competed in IDPA matches and successfully completed advanced defensive pistol training. In addition to my firearms qualifications I've been teaching high school for eleven years and loving it!

Tammy Hunter entered a gun range in 2001 looking for a private pistol class to prepare for her Concealed Handgun License (CHL) course.  After completing the CHL course, Tammy immediately enrolled in the ranges’ tactical pistol class, and then began shooting regularly in pistol competitions.

A respected high school teacher, Tammy started a family and with her children growing up, Tammy felt the call to continue teaching.   This calling would cater to a very different kind of student from the high school environment Tammy knew. These students were women entering the world of responsible gun ownership, needing firearms instruction and CHL certification, to carry a firearm on their person.

An emerging trend was developing at the time, with women from all walks of life, all ages, shapes and sizes wanting to provide a new layer of security, effectively a first line of defense, for their loved ones, property and their households.   The combination of 11 years of traditional teaching experience, strong classroom skills, and solid foundation in firearms training were an outstanding recipe for a successful firearms instruction business.  When mixed with her passion to help the new wave of new female gun owners, Tammy immediately set herself apart, and has never looked back.
Her timing was perfect, and with the explosive growth of women gun owners, a qualified female instructor was essential to meet the growing need in the Houston area. That was in 2009.Today, Tammy continues to grow her full-time training business in and around the Houston Texas area, operating out of multiple ranges with activities.
-Chris Palmer, Lawson & Palmer